Whether you are hosting a large corporate event, fund-raiser, product launch or a wedding, to smaller events from birthday parties, dinner parties or other special occasions; Culinart is the ideal partner you can choose to provide gourmet dishes, canapes, cocktails, waiters, excellent service and event catering in Hong Kong that will leave your guest’s feeling satisfied.

Culinart is a high-quality event catering services provider that is led by Stanley Wong who is an established and respected Chef with over 25 years experience working in Michelin star restaurants, luxury hotels and resorts across the globe. Stanley can bring you a nice blend of Southeast Asian and Contemporary culinary experiences to ensure that not only the food is delicious, but it’s also nicely presented. Culinart takes pride in putting the art in food. Check out the range of event catering services we can support for your upcoming event in Hong Kong:

Dinner Party Catering

dinner party catering


So you’re hosting dinner party and want to ensure that you have delicious food, drinks and an evening to remember. To start Culinart will get in touch to discuss the number of guests who will be attending, the theme and style of the event and what type of food you’d like. Following this we will tailor make a menu to suit your tastes and the dietary requirements of the guests. We will help plan the event catering, bring all the catering equipment, and can even offer a nice private kitchen in Wong Chuk Hang for a venue if you’re still planning the venue. From the dinner party event ideas, support with event setup and menu selection, to making gourmet food and cocktails, we’ve got you covered.

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From important clients you are inviting out to lunch, or dinner to general office catering in Hong Kong; Culinart has a good range of corporate event catering options to support you with. We can help offer your guests a healthy and delicious range of 2 or 5-course lunches or dinners that are tailored to your tastes and their dietary requirements. Get in touch and let’s discuss your upcoming corporate event and a customised set menu for your guests.

Culinart Corporate Catering Hong Kong
Event Catering Hong Kong

wedding catering hong kong


Cuilnart takes pride in supporting fundraising events in Hong Kong that are to support a good cause. If you are hosting a fundraising event, and need to find a great catering company that can support, you’ve come to the right place. We can plan, and tailor makes canapes, cocktails and dishes to suit the style and theme of your fundraising event, all with carefully sourced and healthy ingredients to provide your guests with a delicious and tasteful culinary experience.

dinner party catering


Culinart has over 50 years’ combined experience creating delicious canapes and cocktails at a wide range of cocktail parties in Hong Kong and abroad. Whether you’re planning an intimate cocktail party with a small number of guests, or a large cocktail party event, we’ve got you covered. We will discuss the theme and style of your cocktail party, the timing and can help plan and tailor make a menu to suit the tastes and dietary requirements of your guests. Read more about our cocktail party catering in Hong Kong or get in touch to discuss how we can support for your upcoming event.

Cocktail Party Catering HK
Catering HK

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To host the perfect product launch in Hong Kong, it’s imperative that you have a catering company that can support with gourmet food, canapes, cocktails or mocktails and excellent service. Such important events you need to hire someone professional. Culinart have sound experience supporting a wide variety of product launches in Hong Kong and across the globe. Contact us to discuss the details of your product launch, the style and we can help suggest a menu that suits the tastes and dietary requirements of your guests.

event catering hong kong


So you’re planning a wedding or special events such as a hen or a stag do, and you want to ensure its unique and well thought out down to every fine detail. To support such an event, its important that you have a professional event catering company that can help with planning the event setup and customise a gourmet menu that suits your budget and theme of the wedding or special event. Our team have over 50 years combined experience and can create delicious dishes, canapes prepared by Chef Stanely Wong, and cocktails and mocktails prepared by a professional mixologist and also experienced and friendly wait staff to ensure you’re guests are sufficiently catered for and left with their palettes pleasantly satisfied.

Wedding Catering Hong Kong